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Home Areas of Practice
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Civil Law.
Ample experience in matters of civil law. Specifically regarding judicial actions, such as property reinstatement action, possession protection; contract compliance and resolution, property determination actions, property prescription, etc.
Commercial Business Law.
We attend to all matters regarding business or commercial credit collection (notes, bills, etc.); drafting of all kinas of documentation regarding incorporation and business of civil and commercial entities; as well as procedures before the Foreign Investment Superintendence Office (SIEX), consultant services in daily matters facing every company, specially in matters of contracts, new business, etc.
Labor Law and Social Security.
Ample experience in employer representation in labor matters, drafting of labor contracts, negotiation of union labor agreements, claims and procedures before Labor Courts as well as before all labor offices (Labor Inpsector, INPSASEL, and others); claims derived from work accidents and professional, and litigation in general.
We advise in all matters related to work conditions and its consequences, in order to avoid any possible contingency that may cause labor conflicts, audits, workshops or courses on new labor legislation.
Corporate Law.
We render legal advise to clients in all matter related to their transactions and businesses, always considering the promotion and protection of free competition, including the drafting of any documentation related to a varied range of operations of clients.
Litigation and Arbitration.
Attention, control and review of all litigation before competent courts involving our clients, whether as plaintiffs or defendants. We review the daily distribution of claims and libels filed before the different courts in the city of Caracas, in order to keep our clients informed of any claim or suit filed against them.
Advise and represent our clients in all matters regarding domestic and international arbitration, both institutional or according to the provisions of the Civil Procedures Code, providing initial advise in order to foresee arbitration as a mechanism for conflict resolution, drafting the arbitration clause, even effectively representing our clients in arbitration.
Tax Law.
We attend to our clients’ needs in matters of tax consultancy, planning and litigation regarding national taxes (income tax law, added value tax, inheritance, donation and related taxes, alcohol and other alcoholic beverage tax, etc.), state and metropolitan taxes (revenue tax stamp, non-metallic mineral tax, etc.) and municipal taxes (business tax, real estate tax, public entertainment tax, legitimate bet tax, business advertisement tax, etc.), rendering advise and taking on tax litigation (filing and procedure of recourses, both administrative and judicial litigation).
Antitrust and Consumer Protection Law.
Ample experience in the area of consulting and representation of our clients in all concerning the defense of free competition, ranking from concentration and mergers, price unification, particular bans, unfair competition, unilateral practices, and other aspects including franchises.
General Administrative Law and Contentious Administrative Law.
Advise through legal opinions, assistance before public offices, whether national, state or municipal. Study of cases and drafting of administrative recourses, specially in antitrust matters, consumer protection, lease matters, etc.
In judicial matters, review, drafting and procedure of contentious administrative recourses against administrative acts of particular and general effect, from state or municipal authorities, filed before the Administrative Contentious and Tax Courts, First and Second Tribunal in Contentious Administrative Matters, and the Political Administrative Chamber of the Superior Tribunal of Justice.
Constitutional Law.
Filing of actions for the protection of constitutional rights and guarantees provided in the National Constitution, specifically regarding the protection of free enterprise, private property, right to work, fair defense and due process guarantee and other matters relating to constitutional rights and guarantees.
Private International Law.
Advise in all matters related to juridical situation involving our clients internationally, taking into account the conventions, protocols, laws and other document and instruments that regulate individual relations in the international arena.

Advise to insurance companies in all matters related to the applicable legislation in insurance matters, insurance regulation office and the application and construction of insurance policies, and attending to administrative procedures and litigation related to any insurance claim.


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